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teedbits; disclaimer: a lot of lamenting, “why”-ing (or perhaps more accurately, complaining), and processing [anxiety] It’s fascinating how anxiety affects the body. I have a sense of what triggers me (emotional turmoil and… Continue reading

a blog post for my own sanity and a prayer for my weary soul; incoherent and scattered teedbits [0] I must repeat constantly to myself: it is okay to not be happy. Nehemiah… Continue reading


teedbit whilst sitting outside in 70 degree weather sipping ginger tea | God is good thus life is good [home] Dad wraps his arms around me in a side hug when I come… Continue reading


I really can’t tell why I haven’t been able to fall asleep the past few days – could be a combination of the heat, caffeine, work related stress, and undulating happiness (and maybe… Continue reading


“Are you an egg or a potato?” Our guest speaker asks us this during English service and I have to stifle my giggle. I don’t understand the question until she elaborates; “What do… Continue reading


I am very tired. But, that just means more reason to rely on the Lord. I am going to persevere. — Currently, I have no motivation to do anything besides write this and… Continue reading


I will draw my strength from the Lord. — The first day of classes are over and I am exhausted. I don’t mind too much; already I’ve settled into that familiar routine of… Continue reading

I’m praying that I fall asleep tonight. If I don’t; I pray that I will rejoice all the same. — I spend the whole night tossing and turning; thoughts shooting in all directions across… Continue reading