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Still profoundly confused as to what exactly God is doing in my life but today was a stellar day so I might as well give praise.  — teedbits detailing a tiring, sunny, spring… Continue reading

Why do we insist on loving the people who hurt us? Because it was built into us. The Father designed us after Himself; He has experienced the most heartbreak. Yet He continues to… Continue reading


more teedbits because I am too brain dead to write a coherent post; but I have to write this down. [1] I am going to choose to believe that I passed the CPA. I… Continue reading

Excerpts; [11.24.2014] I don’t think I chased after God enough today. I think I was rather immature. But I have hope that I will not continue falling. [12.2.2014] Yeah. Not sure exactly how… Continue reading

This week is going to involve a lot of prayer, head smacking, tantrum throwing, crying, quiet time, not sleeping (?), and Jesus. The only way I’m going to get through this is to… Continue reading


“Just don’t be scared.” — Joshua 1:17 Only be strong and courageous! — He sounds like He is almost pleading. “Just don’t be scared,” He tells me. Because fear of anything else other… Continue reading


I really need to fix my sleep schedule because it’s not normal to feel wide awake at 3am in the morning. — There’s this story in the bible about a Syrophoenician woman. It’s… Continue reading