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April 1. 2015 Daytona update 5 — The weather forecast predicted thunderstorms for today. We had two shifts of evangelizing planned for the last day; rain would have complicated and probably canceled our… Continue reading


March 31. 2015 Daytona update 4 — God is good. I sleep past my roommate’s alarm and her getting ready for the day and wake up four minutes after the sunrise. Miraculously, I… Continue reading


March 30. 2015 Daytona update 3 — My ma calls me when I’m in the car on the way back to the resort. She asks where I am and I instantly regret not… Continue reading

March 29. 2015 Daytona update/reflection 2 — I realize how I am not loving intentionally the more I talk to Kristin. She is surprised when I tell her I am not a loving… Continue reading


March 27-28.  Daytona Day 1 teedbits/updates because I need sleep like mad but also refuse to pass up the chance to share God’s grace and work throughout the past two days. [time] passes… Continue reading