Psalm 55:22

There are a lot of things on my mind today. I have three upcoming exams this week, for classes I have either been skipping or playing candy crush in. The rational part of… Continue reading


Sometimes, I think I look too deeply into things. Why. Why. Why. Why is he in my class? Is God trying to tell me something? Am I supposed to approach him or stay… Continue reading


I was creeping on a classmate on tumblr. She was my role model for a good amount of high school. I admired her and resented her at the same time because I was… Continue reading

I’m stronger than you’ll ever know

I fell hard for this boy. It was a crush that lasted for years. I don’t think I’ll ever stop feeling something for him because he was the kindest boy I’ve ever met and I… Continue reading

I Left My Heart

In San Francisco. When I set off for San Francisco with my cousin from San Jose, it was sunny and warm. By the time we picked up three other friends and got to… Continue reading

Lazy Days

The days move slowly here. I feel like a lizard, lounging under the desert sun. I don’t worry about anything, I just sit around all day and fiddle around on my laptop. I’ve been… Continue reading

love at first sight

Firstly, I will say the trip to California was worth it. Secondly, I will say that it was the most hellish flight I have ever had. I guess I’m just the kind of… Continue reading

The places we’ll go

Okay, I admit I’m a crybaby, but I definitely did not see me actually crying after I got past security and left my family behind. It’s just a month without my precious family.… Continue reading

No Need to Worry

To make things short, it was very hard for my family to figure out when I’d be going to California. I had to be here while my Uncle came to the US since… Continue reading


My brother and I get along very well but there’s also many occasions (due to my short temper) where I’ll blow up at him and it will result in a childish spat. I… Continue reading