I really need to fix my sleep schedule because it’s not normal to feel wide awake at 3am in the morning. — There’s this story in the bible about a Syrophoenician woman. It’s… Continue reading


I’m one paper and one group project away from being done with fall semester. I don’t want the semester to end. — This is my first night sleeping at home in a long… Continue reading


Sleep is still something I do not desire. — When Brenden gets off the couch and sits down on the floor next to me, I wonder why he goes through with the effort. I wonder… Continue reading


ache: I knew I missed him, I just didn’t realize how much [I miss him so much it hurts] obedience: God tells me not to do certain things for my own good but… Continue reading


My throat has gone from itchy, to sore, to painful in a matter of hours. How did I get myself sick after just getting over a cold last week? It’s the darn cold… Continue reading


*When they all converge on me and envelop me in blankets, arms, torsos, I find it hard to breathe but my heart pumps steadier than I ever thought it could. Their weight is… Continue reading


The Lord is rich in His blessings. Leetle teedbits: I can feel the little tiny vessels in my nose pop, break, open and tingle when the urge to cry hits me out of nowhere.… Continue reading


I’m having a mild panic attack because I just accidentally quit Chrome and lost all the tabs I had open and I CAN’T REMEMBER WHICH ONES WERE OPEN. Conveniently, one of the tabs… Continue reading


Today was a whirlpool of: revelation: quiet time; when the text says that God doesn’t call us to do things that come naturally to us, but rather things that are difficult for us… Continue reading


teedbeets, snapshots, anxieties, blessings and the loony kind of stuff that spouts out of my mouth when I’m tired 1. When they all converged on me and enveloped me in their arms, I… Continue reading