When it’s time to sing Rock of Ages, I start shaking. I’m not sure if the shaking is visible to the congregation or my team but it rattles me so hard that I… Continue reading

I found Polaris as I ran towards my garage door; it was the brightest star in the night sky. — I set aside some time this morning during my walk to just listen to… Continue reading


For yesterday’s adventures, I am thankful to you my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. [Russian bananas]; I cannot thank you three enough for your companionship. I cannot thank you enough. For bickering… Continue reading


I haven’t cried in three days and for me that is a monumental feat. Sad? Probably. But, I am at peace. — I almost cried today. But, not for the reason I’d expect.… Continue reading


A friend once cried desperately in my arms after a recent break up. During a brief reprieve in her crying, she told me, “I hope you never experience heartbreak, Becca.” It wasn’t something… Continue reading


I gave him up. [He was part of that stubborn ten percent] — Foolishly still, I thought that my suffering would end. It did temporarily; I have found delight in the Lord’s command.… Continue reading


[physically] drained; it is an effort to keep my eyes open; the pressure in my chest does not lift [mentally] unstable; screws are coming loose in my head; I forget words and names;… Continue reading


139 has been on repeat. Five measures into the song comes a chord progression that does strange things to me. — “You are the God who knows and loves me; the God of David;… Continue reading


This is so hard. — I’ve been putting my head in my hands a lot lately. Face planting, head smacking, all that jazz. I am so utterly panicked and frustrated and done, but still… Continue reading


I really wonder what God has in store for me because all of it is going to be worth this. — I think God is not done with me yet. I think He’s… Continue reading