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Many things to say; not enough time before my designated bedtime to say it. — [peculiar] feeling of something stuck uncomfortably in the area between my throat and chest (perhaps because pursuant to… Continue reading


Still profoundly confused as to what exactly God is doing in my life but today was a stellar day so I might as well give praise.  — teedbits detailing a tiring, sunny, spring… Continue reading


I will draw my strength from the Lord. — The first day of classes are over and I am exhausted. I don’t mind too much; already I’ve settled into that familiar routine of… Continue reading


When it’s time to sing Rock of Ages, I start shaking. I’m not sure if the shaking is visible to the congregation or my team but it rattles me so hard that I… Continue reading


For yesterday’s adventures, I am thankful to you my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. [Russian bananas]; I cannot thank you three enough for your companionship. I cannot thank you enough. For bickering… Continue reading


The Lord is my Banner. — Arms lifted high. — In Exodus 17, Joshua goes into battle against the attacking Amalekites per Moses’s instructions. Moses himself stands on the top of the hill… Continue reading


*When they all converge on me and envelop me in blankets, arms, torsos, I find it hard to breathe but my heart pumps steadier than I ever thought it could. Their weight is… Continue reading