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Urbana update 2 – unedited and incoherent because eyes actually swollen and stinging from lack of sleep; I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that I’ll be exhausted (and most probably sick) by the… Continue reading


Urbana tidbits 1 – unedited and mildly incoherent because sleep deprivation; “We’re going to ask Jesus to reveal a memory to you that He wants to heal you from.”  A memory surfaces; I… Continue reading

Thank you God for your favor, thank you Jesus for your daily mercy. — On February 27, 2015, I asked God desperately for Him to show me that He was with me, that… Continue reading

week four in Philly/month one; The trees are turning orange. Enough said. — I am out to lunch with three other people from Renewal. They ask me if I’ve found a church and… Continue reading

Even though we’re doing basically nothing at work, I still find myself randomly breaking out into a series of maniacal grins and grimaces as I force the corners of my lips to stay neutral.… Continue reading


You cannot fathom how much He loves you. You cannot fathom it so just don’t forget it. — Random thought of the day: If I get into some kind of accident, say like… Continue reading


“Let me take care of you.” I had pretty much decided I wasn’t going to go to retreat at all. I had suffered through the whole week feeling light headed and nauseous; I… Continue reading


When you have encountered Christ, you cannot stay the same. You walk away a changed person. — I pray desperately to the Lord. Father, I am desolate. You saw the depths of my… Continue reading

March 29. 2015 Daytona update/reflection 2 — I realize how I am not loving intentionally the more I talk to Kristin. She is surprised when I tell her I am not a loving… Continue reading

Leaving home was surprisingly easy. I lingered for a bit before I left, said a soft goodbye to the walls that had brought me so much peace; I thanked Jesus for coming home with… Continue reading