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Paris is magnificent. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our vacation here and I wish we could stay longer. Alas, today is our last full day and we’re spending it doing nothing, just enjoying being in… Continue reading


Many things to write about today and so little time before I should be in bed, sleeping so I can honor God by being awake when I do my quiet time. REVELATIONS ABOUT… Continue reading


[In honor of Germany winning the world cup; Siegreich = Victorious. I will grudgingly admit they were deserving of the title and funnily enough, their victory has taught me a few things about… Continue reading


My heart literally feels like it’s going to jump out of my chest. You know that feeling when you’re so beyond frustrated you kind of want to throw up? I experienced that three… Continue reading


Disclaimer: My thoughts are really jumbled up and all over the place and my heart is full of praise and it’s midnight but I don’t feel like sleeping so read at your own… Continue reading


Sometimes, I imagine God is a terrifying, beautiful and jealous warrior. He will hold me close to his heart, in his arms, carrying me and the weight of my burdens. He will wind… Continue reading