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When you have encountered Christ, you cannot stay the same. You walk away a changed person. — I pray desperately to the Lord. Father, I am desolate. You saw the depths of my… Continue reading


March 27-28.  Daytona Day 1 teedbits/updates because I need sleep like mad but also refuse to pass up the chance to share God’s grace and work throughout the past two days. [time] passes… Continue reading

Why do we insist on loving the people who hurt us? Because it was built into us. The Father designed us after Himself; He has experienced the most heartbreak. Yet He continues to… Continue reading


This morning’s quiet time was on 2 Samuel 22, which coincidentally is also my favorite psalm of all time; psalm 18. I’ve read this psalm maybe 20+ times; my bible turns automatically to… Continue reading


When it’s time to sing Rock of Ages, I start shaking. I’m not sure if the shaking is visible to the congregation or my team but it rattles me so hard that I… Continue reading


[physically] drained; it is an effort to keep my eyes open; the pressure in my chest does not lift [mentally] unstable; screws are coming loose in my head; I forget words and names;… Continue reading


139 has been on repeat. Five measures into the song comes a chord progression that does strange things to me. — “You are the God who knows and loves me; the God of David;… Continue reading


Being home surprisingly always brings me so much relief. Perhaps it’s the change of environment; perhaps it is the presence of loving family members; perhaps it’s the abundance of good food and chocolate. When I… Continue reading


Sleep is still something I do not desire. — When Brenden gets off the couch and sits down on the floor next to me, I wonder why he goes through with the effort. I wonder… Continue reading


I’m having a mild panic attack because I just accidentally quit Chrome and lost all the tabs I had open and I CAN’T REMEMBER WHICH ONES WERE OPEN. Conveniently, one of the tabs… Continue reading