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Peace hits me out of nowhere. Joy strikes me so hard that the vessels in my nose pop open and I have to fight the strange choking sensation in my throat as my… Continue reading


I gave him up. [He was part of that stubborn ten percent] — Foolishly still, I thought that my suffering would end. It did temporarily; I have found delight in the Lord’s command.… Continue reading


[physically] drained; it is an effort to keep my eyes open; the pressure in my chest does not lift [mentally] unstable; screws are coming loose in my head; I forget words and names;… Continue reading


“If there is no wind there will be no wave.” ~ Courtesy of fortune cookie from Yi Palace. What is the wave? What is the wind? My brother seems to get it perfectly… Continue reading


I am full [even though I only had one meal today] on good food, good company, good vibes, and abundant grace. — [fear] when I woke up and realized it was in fact… Continue reading


我真得不明白我为什么跟他老是不舒服。[I really don’t understand why I’m always uncomfortable around him] I’m not sure if it’s a matter of myself hardening my heart or God hardening my heart. Is there a difference? Probably. I’m… Continue reading

I’m debating whether it’s worth fixing my sleep schedule for the rest of winter break. I currently lack any motivation to sleep even though I’m weary to the bone. — Leetle tidbits: [eyes]… Continue reading


teedbeets, snapshots, anxieties, blessings and the loony kind of stuff that spouts out of my mouth when I’m tired 1. When they all converged on me and enveloped me in their arms, I… Continue reading