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Disclaimer: My thoughts are really jumbled up and all over the place and my heart is full of praise and it’s midnight but I don’t feel like sleeping so read at your own… Continue reading


Sometimes, I imagine God is a terrifying, beautiful and jealous warrior. He will hold me close to his heart, in his arms, carrying me and the weight of my burdens. He will wind… Continue reading


/sick/ day. I feel so lethargic. My headache came out of no where, one minute I was fine, the next I was shivering and suffering from neck and head pains. First signs of… Continue reading


Leetle tidbits. The first stall in the women’s upstairs bathroom always smells like cinnamon and other sweet spices. Going to the bathroom is a pleasant experience. Driving through rush hour, wearing jeans, in… Continue reading


Today was a pretty good day. I decided to get up before my alarm for once and I was out the door in twenty. Breakfast was boring but informative at the same time… Continue reading


Trying out this new thing. OmmWriter…? This thing is mad cool and super relaxing. Mayhaps I can finally get some writing done. OKAY, time to move on. I’m going to be brutally honest… Continue reading

This is another product of boredom and procrastination,

This is another product of boredom and procrastination, but what the heck it’s summer and I deserve a break. I’m going to be pretty tired this summer because of my internship and having… Continue reading

Psalm 55:22

There are a lot of things on my mind today. I have three upcoming exams this week, for classes I have either been skipping or playing candy crush in. The rational part of… Continue reading


Sometimes, I think I look too deeply into things. Why. Why. Why. Why is he in my class? Is God trying to tell me something? Am I supposed to approach him or stay… Continue reading