teedbit accompanying this random vlog on my blog spontaneously birthed out of my desire to be cool and hip (and because artistic pursuits distract me from the relentless assault of other troublesome things like jetlag;)

[familiar] my eyelids are ridiculously heavy but I have no desire to sleep. I stare at the reflection opposite me on the dark windowpanes of the metro – there is a dull ache in my heart as I think about Philly and the streets I left behind (how silly of me – a mere 1.5 weeks away from my beloved city can give me heartache). I put in my earbuds, open up Spotify, close my eyes and imagine that I am in the underground trolley tracks on my way to church. It gives me a brief moment of peace. I never liked leaving places that I loved – no matter how short a time, unwilling to step forward into a new place or a new season. I am never ready to go (or let go of things) when the Lord commands me. But, He has proven again and again that wherever I go, it is a better place than I have ever been before.

Thank you, Jesus, for this much needed vacation.