March 31. 2015

Daytona update 4

God is good. I sleep past my roommate’s alarm and her getting ready for the day and wake up four minutes after the sunrise. Miraculously, I am able to fall back asleep until my alarm rings. Solid six hours. 

Singing How He Loves Us in mandarin makes me tear up all of a sudden. It is a wonderful concept that God is being worshipped all over the world in different languages. To be able to worship him in Chinese makes my heart soar. 

Tristan with an A and Sabrina with an I. I remember their names; they were tenth graders, interested and open to learning about the Gospel. Kristin and I draw the bridge diagram in the sand for them. Our conversation is fruitful but we walk away feeling unsatisfied. There was more we wanted to say. Kristin prompts the question whether we should turn back and talk to them again. Immediately, I mourn her asking because now I know the Lord is tugging at our hearts to go back and I am frightened and unwilling. But, we head back towards them and from the distance, we see Tristan explaining the bridge diagram to the other boy who was previously sleeping besides them. It encourages us; we go back and finish what we have to say and leave lighthearted.

His name was Ryan and he was open and curious about the Gospel. We shared the bridge diagram with him on a random sheet of paper I found in my quiet time journal. Before he left to join his friends, he asked if he could keep it. 

I am annoyed at everything and everyone while we are preparing dinner for the group. Cooking is extremely slow due to the lack of pots and pans; we don’t cook enough for the whole group to eat; people keep asking if the undercooked rice is ready and I am ready to blow up. We don’t end up having small group of sharing time and I wonder what the heck is going on.

Later, I pick up the guitar and play for myself; playing familiar chords soothes my soul and all I want to do at that moment is to be alone and recuperate. Joan looks quietly out the window beside me and something in my heart shifts. I thrust the guitar at her and end up teaching her three basic chords on the guitar. I wonder at her patience and ability to smile joyfully amidst the chaos of preparing dinner, even as she scrambled to do everything. I was exasperated and chose to sulk silently while she continued to smile and speak kindly to everyone around her. I wonder if she was tired at all from it; she looked tired and I remember how she deals with this everyday at home with her three siblings and conclude she is a woman of great strength. 

I want to be as patient and joyful as she is. 


I ask Jonathan whether he’s happy that he came to Daytona and he supplies me with the most mystifying answer. I don’t quite understand what he said but I think the general gist of it was that he wasn’t sure. 

He says that this year is different; that it is more about his own spiritual growth rather than evangelizing. I agree wholeheartedly with him in my heart. Same for me. Same for me. 

But, seeing him bob up and down as he evangelizes to the man on the bench makes my heart swell with pride and joy. Perhaps because I never saw his passion for Christ before; perhaps because I never really understood his faith; I am starting to understand a bit more now. 

He talks about logical fallacies and other such things that make my head hurt but I think bottom line; he loves Jesus and that is all that matters. 


Weston (Westin?) and Brandon give us hugs before they leave us. I come up to Westin’s armpit. I feel small and tiny before the two high schoolers in front of me; Westin says that it’s great what we’re doing; that you don’t see many people doing this. 

The man on the bench asks me how old I am and I have to think for a moment before I answer with hesitation. Oftentimes I forget that I am an actual adult. When we tell him that we’re spending our spring break evangelizing, he asks if we’re crazy and why we would spend our spring break on such a thing. He tells us we should be drinking beer and smoking weed and I wonder when the world fell so hard that drinking beer and smoking weed became the norm and sharing Christ’s love became a waste of time.