Monthly Archive: March, 2015


March 30. 2015 Daytona update 3 — My ma calls me when I’m in the car on the way back to the resort. She asks where I am and I instantly regret not… Continue reading

March 29. 2015 Daytona update/reflection 2 — I realize how I am not loving intentionally the more I talk to Kristin. She is surprised when I tell her I am not a loving… Continue reading


March 27-28.  Daytona Day 1 teedbits/updates because I need sleep like mad but also refuse to pass up the chance to share God’s grace and work throughout the past two days. [time] passes… Continue reading


Still profoundly confused as to what exactly God is doing in my life but today was a stellar day so I might as well give praise.  — teedbits detailing a tiring, sunny, spring… Continue reading


The weather outside matches my mood. It is the first day of spring but winter still lingers. I am welcoming the snow one last time. — To the people I have lost; how… Continue reading


teedbits; pockets of sunshine on a cloudy, windy day (Were there any? Not literally but certainly figuratively) — [unashamed] I know I’m weak, I know I’m unworthy. It’s fascinating to me how God… Continue reading

Father, I have either nothing to say or too much to say. [empty] [sad] [lifeless] Winter still lingers. Why am I in this place, Father? What do you have planned for me? —… Continue reading

Why do we insist on loving the people who hurt us? Because it was built into us. The Father designed us after Himself; He has experienced the most heartbreak. Yet He continues to… Continue reading


teedbits because God’s grace and mercy demands to be shared — [everything] You are everything I ever needed and I pray You will be everything I ever want. [white] I sincerely hope there… Continue reading


more teedbits because I am too brain dead to write a coherent post; but I have to write this down. [1] I am going to choose to believe that I passed the CPA. I… Continue reading