Love is shaped like a cross. [Not the heart; love is not about the heart. Love is about a choice]

I have been looking forward to Valentine’s Day for the longest time because a year and a day ago, I wrote a letter to myself. I didn’t mean for it to be a Valentine sort of thing; I just happened to want to write a letter to myself that day (I erroneously thought that Valentine’s Day fell on the 15th and didn’t feel like waiting two days to do it; I don’t remember the logic in my thinking; I acknowledge I am a strange child)

I didn’t really know how to write a letter to myself; it was my first time doing so and I rambled a bit. But, in all my bumbling, strange, and disorganized manner of communicating, God reminded me of His provision and grace throughout the one year that had passed.

“God loves you and He is faithful. His wisdom surpasses our understanding so whatever blip in your life is happening now, trust that He is good and is preparing the way for you.”

It’s strange how I already knew that but having someone tell it to me upfront was what I needed for it to click.

I remembered that I was happy. I remembered that I can be happy. [joyful-what does it mean? I still don’t quite understand but that day I was happy; at peace; warm despite the snow; I was more than okay]

Valentine’s Day is a glorious day. Despite the bitter cold and unforgiving wind, I find many reasons to rejoice. [But, Jesus alone is enough]

I am happy, at peace, warm despite the snow. I am more than okay.