I am very tired. But, that just means more reason to rely on the Lord.

I am going to persevere.

Currently, I have no motivation to do anything besides write this and sleep.

I want to give up on my classes, on the CPA, even on RoX.

BUT: I asked for this. I asked for it because when I am suffering, when I am weak, when I am broken hearted, the Lord draws near to me and that is what I want.

So okay. Okay. I just need more Jesus; I wanted more Jesus to begin with. I can’t pick and choose the way the Lord is going to draw me closer to Him; I can only thank Him for even allowing me to come to Him.

I, a dirty lamb. He, the holy King. Yet, He still wants me.

[Here’s my heart, Lord. Take it]

I will draw my strength from the Lord. He is all I need.