This morning’s quiet time was on 2 Samuel 22, which coincidentally is also my favorite psalm of all time; psalm 18. I’ve read this psalm maybe 20+ times; my bible turns automatically to it; it is truly a psalm of praise that reminds you of God’s provision, power, and love.

Reading it today, I discovered something new.

In my distress, I called to the LORD

[psalm 18:6]

Here, we see David call to the LORD. David [called to the] LORD.

What does the Lord do in response? Well, a lot of things. A large portion of the remaining verses have a grammar pattern of GOD  [verb]  David//He [verb]  me.

Just to list a few [verses];

[6] He heard me

[16] He drew me (out of deep waters)

[17] He rescued me

[19] He delighted in me

[20] He rewarded me

[32] He arms me (with strength)

[33] He enables me

[34] He gives me (His shield of victory)

[43] He delivered me

[47] He avenges me

[48] He exalted me

[He loves me]

Truly, Christianity is a religion where everything is backwards. When I call to the Lord, He hears me. That alone is mind blowing. He is God; I am human. If you compared the two of us, I could be an ant and He could be a whale and that still would not be an accurate enough comparison to describe the difference between us. Furthermore, when I call Him, He hears me. How does God up there, in the glory of His temple and the angels singing praises to Him, hear my tiny little human voice down here on earth? Maybe He has super hearing…or maybe He is listening for it. Or both. Either way, it makes me feel so loved because not only does He hear me, He rescues me. He delights in me, He equips me, He comforts me. Etc, etc, etc.

He does all these things for me, simply because I called to Him.

Yet, when the Lord calls me, how do I respond?

Should I not be the one exalting Him? Should I not be the one giving Him (everything)? Should I not be the one listening for Him instead of Him answering me?

He has done so much for me; what have I done for Him? It seems that it is God serving me when I should be serving Him. It is so, so backwards; it is such a brilliant love story.

[I love You so much]

Take everything, Father. Nothing I can give You will ever be enough; even my life cannot repay what You have done for me. He was precious and You gave Him up for me. I will never be able to thank Him enough.

But, here is my heart, Lord; I know my obedience is most pleasing to You, even more than sacrifice (1 Samuel 15:22). So, command me, Father. I am praying so fervently to obey.