For yesterday’s adventures, I am thankful to you my dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

[Russian bananas]; I cannot thank you three enough for your companionship. I cannot thank you enough. For bickering with me about the stupidest things (for the last time, bananas are not related to potatoes), for not letting me be alone at the apartment, for asking if I’m okay, for listening and giving me good advice, for feeding me and making me take breaks, etc, the list goes on. Thank you for the wake up call; “Stop being a wimp.” Thank you for comfort; “You can cry if you want.” Thank you for encouragement; “I’m proud of you.”

I imagine I would have made it fine without you [for the Lord is good and He provides] but I’m glad I didn’t have to.

[Marie] For understanding and sympathizing but never allowing me to give up; you are much braver and stronger than I. For telling me to celebrate; I am blown away by your simple wisdom. I am repeating it back to you; I know your weariness and your heartbreak; I am telling you it will pass. It will be worth it. I love you very much.

[Jonathan] Your christmas card made me so happy; stealing and changing your password made me happier; the only thing that brings me more joy is the knowledge that you are pursuing Christ with newfound devotion.

I am blessed to call you all family.

For the stars, the moon, and the clear night sky, I am thankful. The clouds in my head are gone; the rain in my heart has subsided.

I wanted to tell them […]. I wanted to fall down on my knees in the middle of the pathway and worship. I wanted to scream and jump and dance; crying out the Lord’s name. I wanted us to walk with Jesus.

In the end, I feared their judgement [why was I so scared; they are my family] and hid everything away. We threw rocks at the ice; put each other in chokeholds; bickered amongst one another, pointed out stars and airplanes. Just being in their presence brought me so much joy. I wish I had told them.

To the Lord, my God;

I delight in your decrees; I will not neglect your word.

[psalm 119:16]

I hear Your voice and I want more of it. If it pleases You, if I am pleasing to You, show me Your glory. Whether You come in wind, earthquake, fire, whisper; I will listen; I will obey.

I want more of You.