[physically] drained; it is an effort to keep my eyes open; the pressure in my chest does not lift

[mentally] unstable; screws are coming loose in my head; I forget words and names; I hallucinate trains when there are none on the tracks

[emotionally] compromised; triggers everywhere; I think I am becoming numb

[spiritually] flourishing; all is well with the Lord; I delight in His word; I want to be with Him all the time; I love Him so so much

I don’t ever remember a time when I’ve been so out of sorts but I have never been closer to the Lord than I am now. So yes, I can praise Him. Yes, I will praise Him. Even though my throat is sore, I will sing to the Lord.

I’m starting to realize that just because I am spiritually well with the Lord doesn’t mean that all my problems go away. God doesn’t work like that.

But He promises to be with me.

And He is slowly drawing me to a place of understanding that He alone is enough for me.

[psalm 119] I delight in your decrees v. 16

Lead me, Lord. I want to follow You.