139 has been on repeat. Five measures into the song comes a chord progression that does strange things to me.

“You are the God who knows and loves me; the God of David; the Rock of Ages.”

The God of David walks with me. The God of David holds my hand. The God of David is here.

David. The little shepherd boy who fought off bears to defend his sheep. A musician who played the harp and composed psalms. A boy with a slingshot amidst armored men. King of Israel. A man after God’s own heart. Words cannot express my admiration for David. He is the man.

His God is my God. The God who granted him strength to fight wild animals. The God who inspired his psalms. The God who walked with Him into battle and won him victory. The God who anointed him as king.

That God is my God. The same one.

He hasn’t changed.

As He delivered David out of trails and hardships, so He will deliver me. As He walked with David, so He walks with me. Why would I think that He treats me any differently than He did David? We are both children of God, instruments of His glory, made in His image and created to worship Him.

Times have changed but my God has not.

You are always there.

Thank you, Lord, for your unfailing love. Thank you for choosing me on the cross, when you knew I was the one who put you there. I still cannot comprehend the love that kept You there, that still keeps You here by my side. Even at my worst, even when I find it hard to praise You and sing to You, You do not leave me.

Ephesians 17-19

…how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ

Help me understand, Father. I want to know.