Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous.

I’m sorry, Father, for failing to obey your command today. But, I thank you for being merciful and gracious.

Thank you for friends who lift me up, emotionally and quite literally physically. For not letting me alone, for asking if I’m okay, for feeding me and taking care of me.

Thank you for your love and their love.

Thank you, Marie, Brenden, Matt, Frank.

[I’m okay now]

Looking back over the day, I start to see how the Lord is working amidst the suckiness of it all. It’s not for nothing. It has taught me something.

I am not alone.

Wherever my faith is lacking, I pray fervently for the Lord to provide.

Joy is already settling in my heart; it’s time to sleep but I am no longer tired.

The Lord is merciful; He is good indeed.

I’m ready to fight again, Lord. Send me.