The Lord is my Banner.

Arms lifted high.

In Exodus 17, Joshua goes into battle against the attacking Amalekites per Moses’s instructions. Moses himself stands on the top of the hill while the battle goes on, holding the staff of God and his hands up. As long as his hands were up, the Israelites were winning. As soon as they came down, the Amalekites were winning. In the end, Aaron and Hur hold Moses’s hands up when his arms get tired so the Israelites win. After their victory, Moses builds an altar and calls it “The Lord is my Banner.” And the Lord promises to completely wipe out the Amalekites in the years to come.

When the phrase, “The Lord is my Banner,” came up, I didn’t understand it. I’d never heard of it before and it didn’t click in my mind. What exactly is a banner? I had to google it.

Basically it’s a flag or piece of cloth with a symbol on it. Usually it’s used to represent a group. And interestingly enough, back in Moses’s time, a banner was a simple staff with a symbol on it.

Moses was literally holding up a banner. The banner of God. And as long as that banner was lifted high, victory was won.

Many things I got out of this.

1. Israel didn’t win the battle. Joshua didn’t win the battle. Moses didn’t win the battle. God did. God won it.

1a. Therefore, humble yourself. And rejoice because it is the Lord who fights for you and He is victorious.

2. Utter and total reliance on the Lord; hands lifted high as a call for help and sign of faith.

2a. Lift up your arms. Turn to the Lord.

3. God promised to wipe out the Amalekites.

3a. Whatever sin or battle you’re struggling with; God’s going to take it away for good. He promises you victory.

4. Moses held up that staff the whole time.

4a. Never for a second should we drop the Lord as our Banner. He is who we identify with; He is who we represent. We are called to follow Him all the time.

You’re not fighting to win. You’re not fighting to save yourself. The victory is already won; you have already been saved.

You’re fighting to glorify Him.

The Lord is my Banner; I will fight for the Lord.