我真得不明白我为什么跟他老是不舒服。[I really don’t understand why I’m always uncomfortable around him] I’m not sure if it’s a matter of myself hardening my heart or God hardening my heart. Is there a difference? Probably. I’m way too tired to think too much of it.

心里有一个伤,还没有完全好。[There is a wound in my heart that hasn’t healed completely] I don’t know why it’s still there; I don’t know why it still hurts. I know it will go away. I am persevering.

她已离开, 我就开始哭。[As soon as she leaves, I start to cry] But, she comes back later with company and while I was okay with being alone, I find that their presence is healing.

最近我特别讨厌云。[Recently, I despise the clouds] My mood matches the weather quite nicely but I was down enough today that even when the sun came out, the clouds in my heart did not lift.

情爱的朋友们。[Dear friends] Thank you for your grace and companionship.

心里难受。[?] But, joy comes in the morning.