Monthly Archive: December, 2014


I am full [even though I only had one meal today] on good food, good company, good vibes, and abundant grace. — [fear] when I woke up and realized it was in fact… Continue reading


我真得不明白我为什么跟他老是不舒服。[I really don’t understand why I’m always uncomfortable around him] I’m not sure if it’s a matter of myself hardening my heart or God hardening my heart. Is there a difference? Probably. I’m… Continue reading

I’m debating whether it’s worth fixing my sleep schedule for the rest of winter break. I currently lack any motivation to sleep even though I’m weary to the bone. — Leetle tidbits: [eyes]… Continue reading


I really need to fix my sleep schedule because it’s not normal to feel wide awake at 3am in the morning. — There’s this story in the bible about a Syrophoenician woman. It’s… Continue reading


I’m one paper and one group project away from being done with fall semester. I don’t want the semester to end. — This is my first night sleeping at home in a long… Continue reading


Sleep is still something I do not desire. — When Brenden gets off the couch and sits down on the floor next to me, I wonder why he goes through with the effort. I wonder… Continue reading