ache: I knew I missed him, I just didn’t realize how much [I miss him so much it hurts]

obedience: God tells me not to do certain things for my own good but I’ve realized it too late and dug myself into this pit. Too many times I thought that God could be the biggest party pooper when He was faithfully trying to guard my heart

compromise: [there are none] I gave away too much without realizing it and now there are holes in my heart; there are mistakes I cannot reverse, times I cannot turn back and I believe if given the choice to redo it, I would have done things very differently

absent: it is past midnight and I still have not done my daily quiet time. I feel something missing. There is one particularly large, gaping hole in my heart and some moments throughout the day, I feel as if my heart would cave in and give out

coward: I have neither the wisdom or courage to do the right thing, even if it will do me good [Because I have grown enough to understand that it hurts the worst before you start to heal]

time: I know I have to let him go [I don’t want to let him go]

disclaimer: you don’t have to be in love to have your heart broken