Monthly Archive: November, 2014


ache: I knew I missed him, I just didn’t realize how much [I miss him so much it hurts] obedience: God tells me not to do certain things for my own good but… Continue reading


My throat has gone from itchy, to sore, to painful in a matter of hours. How did I get myself sick after just getting over a cold last week? It’s the darn cold… Continue reading


*When they all converge on me and envelop me in blankets, arms, torsos, I find it hard to breathe but my heart pumps steadier than I ever thought it could. Their weight is… Continue reading


The Lord is rich in His blessings. Leetle teedbits: I can feel the little tiny vessels in my nose pop, break, open and tingle when┬áthe urge to cry hits me out of nowhere.… Continue reading