There was a study done that looked at what tears looked like under a microscope: 

Apparently there’s a lot of types of tears and each tear is unique. Like snowflakes, they say in the article.

I want to collect my tears. I’ve been crying a lot this past year and while it infuriates me and probably annoys the heck out of other people, I think I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that I’m an overly emotional person and God made me so for a reason. It does feel a lot better than hiding it and holding it all in until my body cannot withstand it and I physically break down. So much better.

But anyway, I want to collect my tears because I want to look at them under the microscope and figure out what kind of tears they are. Because some days I randomly burst into tears with no reason at all and it’d be nice to know why. And maybe there’s something that science can’t explain because the Spirit has moved me to tears before and perhaps those look completely different under the lens than any other tear studied. 

And then there’s that question of joy. Can I be sad and joyful at the same time? Can the structure of my tears reveal that? Because tonight I am disappointed, heartbroken, but filled with joy.