Little snippets of heaven during hell week:
  • Listening to ravel’s pavane pour une infante during a long car ride
  • When my ROX family notices I am sitting alone and invites me to sit with them (H, S)
  • Or when they sit down next to me and stay silent because they know I am exhausted (N, M)
  • Good banter with sassy kids (S, K)
  • Receiving and reading a letter from a dear friend that will inevitably bring me to tears because of the sincerity in her simple, heartfelt words (V)
  • Encouragement notes in general that don’t or do make me cry, regardless, I am smiling (A)
  • The moments of humility in leadership where I am down on my knees, in the rain and mud, picking rocks for my beloveds
  • 2am walks from brown to my car where I bask in the stillness and radiance of the moon
  • The feeling of freedom when you take a step outside, freshly showered and hair still wet, and the wind blows just the right way
  • Walks at night in general
  • The simple joy that comes from proclaiming the Gospel and introducing Jesus to a friend (B)
  • That heartbreak that comes when someone tells you that they are thankful for you and you remember all the times you weren’t there for them (T)
  • Telling my ma “I love you” and then blubbering like a baby afterwards
  • Eating cold watermelon on a hot hot day
  • Those rare days I find myself enjoying doing worship for once 
  • When the sun peeks out of the clouds
  • Taking a three hour nap after eating breakfast
  • Taking naps in general
  • Accepting the fact that I can’t get an A no matter how hard I try in income tax and feeling strangely okay with it because I’m starting to understand a letter doesn’t validate me
  • Getting my hair curled by a friend and realizing that I may actually be fine with raising a daughter because I’d want to curl her hair someday (H)
  • When a friend speaks up for me when I am silenced by the tears stuck in my throat (M, F)
  • Conversing with a kind, kind advisor (TV)
  • When my best says she wants to meet him and tell him “Don’t you freaking hurt her.” 
  • 2 Corinthians and Ephesians

Mad grateful for this hell week because I learned so much more than I had in a whole year of leadership. God has been humbling me, bringing me literally down to my knees, and I have found that He is rich in both blessings and lessons. Almost done with the year, last home stretch. May God continue to grow me as the weeks pass by.