/sick/ day.

I feel so lethargic. My headache came out of no where, one minute I was fine, the next I was shivering and suffering from neck and head pains. First signs of me getting sick so as soon as I got home I took a nap…alas the headache was not gone when I woke up. Dinner and shower later, I realized walking around towards the fading sunlight (LOL) made me feel better so I walked in circles in my room for a while.

Now I’m just looking for new apps and stubbornly refusing to do my Mark reading because I’m tired and drowsy and I don’t feel like it. Sighhh not a good habit but I’ll get to it tomorrow (fingers crossed).

When my headache was getting unbearable at the office, I started thinking weird things. I’ve thought them before but it surprises me how my only reason for living is for God. One thought was internal dialogue: “yeah Becca I’m pretty sure you’re going to die soon. Oh good, good if I died today I’d be totally fine. In fact I’d rejoice. But you haven’t married yet, gotten a steady job, or had kids. Whatever I’m not missing out on much. None of that can compare to heaven. ” Second was “I hate this world, it hurts too much. God, I want to go to heaven now.”

But I’m still here so clearly God has a purpose for me. It’s something j should take joy in; I have meaning. God has something in store for me here and that in itself is something to look forward too cause I’m pretty sure it’s going to be amazing.

Irrelevant: Apparently Justin Bieber is Christian. Interesting to know.