Leetle tidbits.

The first stall in the women’s upstairs bathroom always smells like cinnamon and other sweet spices. Going to the bathroom is a pleasant experience.

Driving through rush hour, wearing jeans, in a car with a broken AC in 93 degree weather would really drive anyone to road rage/insanity.

How time passes achingly slow during work but when you realize you have a book discussion scheduled for tomorrow for a book you haven’t even purchased yet…summer’s already a third way through.

The confusion that arises when my friend’s parents refuse to let me wash the dishes and get upset when I actually do.

The amount of ease it takes for me to call on God’s name in desperation when I feel like passing out, when my chest feels like it’s going to explode, when I feel like I’ll vomit from hunger and heat.

The way it works like a magic charm and I am immediately comforted, first emotionally then physically.

The water at my friend’s house is sweet and the water at my office is bitter. Neither is very refreshing.

The peace I feel even though I’m not entirely happy with the situation I’m in right now.

Even though sucky days happen and I question why God let it, I still have faith that He has a reason and I trust that that reason is good.