This is another product of boredom and procrastination,

This is another product of boredom and procrastination, but what the heck it’s summer and I deserve a break.

I’m going to be pretty tired this summer because of my internship and having to drive multiple hours a day (but hopefully I can figure something out and avoid that). Furthermore, I have people that I’m scrambling to catch up with before I leave for my internship and two externships. Not to mention the retreat I’m going to as well.

Work, work, work. I really need to read up on Grant Thornton and KPMG and figure out what my goals in life are and what I look for in a company and what questions I have to ask them….alskdjhf social interaction, the horror.

Anyway, I still want to do other productive things this summer and things that make me really happy are:

1. Learning German

2. Baking

And what I should be doing:

3. Reviewing my French

4. Reviewing my Chinese

5. Constantly reflecting on my walk with God/planting deep roots

Oh and also just for funsies, I’m going to try my hand at learning Cantonese. I’m fluent in Mandarin but I don’t understand any Cantonese and it makes me jealous when people know both. Plus, it’d turn heads in my family if I could suddenly break out in Cantonese, muhaha. Anyway, this site is pretty simple and useful for my needs at the moment: and it’d also be beneficial for me reviewing my Mandarin, tehehe. Check it out!

Hopefully, I can follow through with at least some of these “goals”. Puhaha, we’ll see how things turn out.