Psalm 55:22

There are a lot of things on my mind today. I have three upcoming exams this week, for classes I have either been skipping or playing candy crush in. The rational part of my mind is screaming, “GET A MOVE ON,” because there’s no way I can learn all this new material in one weekend. But, my body is screaming at me to sleep (so I took glorious 4 hour nap) and my family beckons me to go to DC with them to see the cherry blossoms.

I was torn because I wanted to work my butt off today so that I could go with my family to DC tomorrow for Sunday. I’ve been trying to work hard for six days of the week so that I can observe Sabbath and this would have been the perfect opportunity. My problem was I felt that I wasn’t working hard enough. God did put Adam to work in the garden after all. We can’t just sow nothing and expect to reap anything. But then my parents revealed to me that we wouldn’t be getting back until Monday night. Which meant I couldn’t go because I had a group meeting for my marketing class before then.

So after learning this, I gave up on going with them (let them have their romantic getaway) and proceeded to take a nap. I did not plan for it to be four hours but I had a pounding headache and shoulder ache and even a phone call couldn’t drag me up from bed. When I did get up, I thought to myself that I wouldn’t be getting any work done today. It was already dinnertime and I always drape myself on the couch and procrastinate after the sun goes down.

But, for some reason, my nonexistent work ethic made itself known when I saw my brother lounging on the sofa as well and immediately, I took the opportunity to ask him to help me with my Java studying. He complied reluctantly and difficulty, mocking me and making jokes. All in good fun.

He ended up sitting downstairs with me for about 2 hours as I labored over my Java. Surprisingly, 2 hours was really all it took for me to learn everything I needed for the exam. GOD IS GOOD. Everything had seemed so complicated when I was struggling through the assignments earlier without bothering to look at the lectures but now reading through them, everything was making sense and it made me so happy. What made me even happier was the fact that my brother didn’t mind sitting next to me, doing his own readings and having me periodically interrupt him to ask questions.

Even more surprising, I only worked for about three hours today (crap, I forgot to practice piano…) and I’ve almost finished learning everything for my two exams on Tuesday. All I have to do now is review. Which is amazing considering I didn’t pay an ounce of attention in any of my classes and this is completely new material. I am told over and over again that God provides but whenever it happens to me, it feels like I’ve been hit by a sledgehammer. In a pleasant way.

And now I’m getting antsy because if things keep up this way (learning everything at this speed), it means I’ll potentially have time to attend the spring retreat coming up next weekend. But, who knows. God knows what’s best for me and I’ll trust that He’ll make things known to me. All in good time.