I Left My Heart

In San Francisco.

When I set off for San Francisco with my cousin from San Jose, it was sunny and warm. By the time we picked up three other friends and got to San Francisco, the weather just got worse and worse. That did nothing to dampen my mood however. I was visiting San Francisco, one of the largest cities in California. 

As I was walking in the streets (not exactly clean but not too dirty either), I found myself thinking about why I’m attracted to large, bustling cities. The answer came to me right away as I people watched and looked up at the skyscrapers. It’s because the city is a little bit like loneliness. The people there are usually very busy, work oriented and the huge buildings only add to the illusion that we are such a small part of the world. I kind of like it, that kind of distant solitude amongst thousands of people. Ironically, it makes me feel like I’m part of the world. Everyone here in the city is drawn to it because of its magnitude of people, its tourist attraction and business. We are all lonely and as humans, we are constantly seeking company. My friend told me that. Humans need people and the city has just that.

San Francisco’s roads are a terror to drive on. Naturally, because everyone in the city is busy (which sometimes that results in varying degrees of rudeness) and likes to cut in front of people and switch lanes suddenly. Furthermore, the roads are on hills. Huge hills, so steep that all our occupants in the car where worried when we started to slowly climb up one street before diving down another. 

We went to Ike’s Place first, the most popular place to eat in SF and the second most popular place to eat in the entire US. It’s a sandwich shop with no tables and only a sole bench and a few chairs. I looked on the walls and the guy from Man vs. Food came here to eat! I got a Spiffy Tiffy (halal chicken, mushrooms, provolone, pepper jack, avocado, lettuce, and tomatoes) with Jalapeño chips. It was very good, although I would have cut down the amount of avocado in it. When they gave me the bag, I almost dropped it in surprise; it was heavy! When I took it out, I understood why; there was so much stuff inside the bread and it was very, very good. I’m not a foodie, but I would definitely recommend the place.

Other spots we hit were the Golden State Bridge, Union Square, the Westfield Mall (which was huge! I’ve never seen a mall that big; there had to be at least seven floors), Fisherman’s Wharf, and a very high hill which overlooked the city. The weather was windy and chilly but I was ecstatic nevertheless. This is a city that I’ll never forget. (Although I predict that had I been the one driving, I might not have taken so kindly to the city. My cousin declared that he’d never live there for fear of the roads.)