The places we’ll go

Okay, I admit I’m a crybaby, but I definitely did not see me actually crying after I got past security and left my family behind. It’s just a month without my precious family. I didn’t think it would affect me that bad. But, I couldn’t let myself run all puffy eyed around the airport (aimlessly and embarrassingly lost) so I let myself have a good cry in the bathroom. ARGGH, yes again I admit. TOTAL CRYBABY. Although the arithmetic did help at one point but I was too stressed out to add 126 to 226. Ah, anyhow, after that I was good to go!

My ticket was bought by an auction on (HAHA, the commercial is just flashing through my head) by my dad so the trip to California would involve a layover in Utah. Which is where I am now, writing this post. Furthermore, I should warn readers that I am only half coherent as my parents dragged me up early this morning to go to DC to be a tourist (even though we practically lived there seven years ago) before I had to go to the airport in DC. I didn’t get any sleep on the ride to DC, no sleep on my first flight and now it’s 8:22 in Utah but really 10:22 in Delaware and I’m running on practically no sleep because the whole night I was up having weird nightmares (not scary ones, just weird things like being late, losing something) and being excited for this trip. Also, I will not reach Oakland, CA until 11 ish and after that, I’ll have about an hour drive back to San Jose. So, I’m guessing it will be 3 AM on the east coast by the time I get to pass out in bed. (Hopefully I’ll have a bed.)

Ahhh, but after the first flight, I’m looking forward to the adventure. Apparently, San Jose is the third largest city in CA. There’s a big Japantown that I could go look at. There’s a mall within walking distance where I’m living (well, 52 minutes. I count it as walking distance because I like long walks). I can’t wait to pick up my cousin, and I’m hoping that he’ll let me. And, I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and take a nice long walk and see what California is like. I’ve only been there once, when I was six so I have no memory of California.

I’m not going to proofread this because I’m dead tired. I’m going to go watch the mentalist or something on my laptop and pray that I’ll stay awake to make my layover flight. It’ll be a disaster if I miss it.