This is the first summer where I’ll be doing absolutely nothing since eighth grade. I applied for so many internships and wasn’t accepted to a single one. I was extremely disappointed but I figure God closed those doors for a reason. Perhaps He knows that I need rest. I am deeply in need of rest, and of boredom. This last semester has been a roller coaster and I think I’ve hit an all time high in terms of stress levels. Hopefully, after this summer, I’ll be completely de-stressed and ready to take on another semester. I’m getting excited thinking about it.

The first few days I wasn’t too bored. I spent the days catching up with friends, visiting people I haven’t seen in months. I had a good time, but I suddenly fell sick. Within a few hours of coming home after hanging out with my friend, I got a fever. It came, right out of the blue. It was most uncomfortable too; I had random sharp pains all over my body and my skin was overly sensitive. It was the most painful fever I had ever had (but it wasn’t that bad. I’ve just never had bad fevers) The whole time, I was shooting daggers at my brother who at the time I was sure had gotten me sick. I kept whining about “if only I had lasted two more weeks, it would have marked a year of sick-free Becca.” I went to sleep and woke up completely fine. No dizziness, no pain, no soreness. I was confuzzled.

I took that event as a sign that I should stay home. At least not spend more time outside than I was spending in. Perhaps I was in need of some alone time, and maybe some time to reflect. I did and I was bored at first but luckily, I found ways to amuse myself. I decided to revisit french, which I haven’t practiced in a year. I’ve lost most of what I learned but I’m determined to get it back. iTunes U is a lifesaver, there’s so many free courses on it and I’m mainly using it to download french dialogue. My friend introduced my to Duolingo, which I am now obsessed with. I’m learning German as a product of spending so much time on it! I’m so happy because I have loved language all my life and now I finally have a chance to pursue it. I have no time to take any language courses in college so perhaps this summer I can have a super crash course in German and maintain some level of fluency within a few months.

Furthermore, God has decided to send me to California. I don’t know why and I’m kind of nervous. I’ll be visiting my cousin’s family. I’ve never met my baby cousin before (although now he’s all grown up, 6, I think). I’ll get to work with my Aunt who is in real estate. So I guess I’m not doing completely nothing this summer, there’s still some work involved but I’m glad. I like work. Lastly, my grandma will be there.

I’m sure all these occurrences are part of God’s plan. I have no idea where He’s taking me and sometimes I wish he would speak louder. Like, scream sometimes. But, God is patient, and I should be, too. I’ll just do my best wherever he takes me and be happy about it.

And, for the first time since the start of it, I am genuinely excited about summer.