Proverbs 17:17

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity. -Proverbs 17:17 NKJV

I have a friend who sees me as a sister. We share food, germs, clothes, stories and hardships. I know for a fact that I love her very much. When news came that she would be going to college on the other side of the country, tears came to my eyes as I started thinking about her absence. She is the one person who knows me like the back of her hand. She knows what I like, she knows how I’ll react to things. She understands when I rant to her about what annoys the heck out of me, and often she will reassure me by telling me that if has that effect on her, too.

A friend loves at all times. This describes her perfectly. She isn’t some flimsy person who would leave my side for the smallest of things. If she’s PMSing, she’ll still leave heart and genuine thought for me even when she’s upset. She’ll call when she’s worried about me, just for sake of asking “Are you alright?” and every time it breaks and melts my heart because I have trouble understanding how she can be so loving but being thankful for it at the same time. When I’m at my lowest, all she has to do is ask to talk with me and immediately I’ll feel better. She is a true sister. I’m sure she would think twice if she ever had to decide to pick between herself or me. I like to think that she’d even pick me if it came down to having to do so. That’s what a sister does.

Would I do the same for her? Always. I’m the type of person that would do anything for anyone. It makes me a softie and it’s one of my huge weaknesses. I would do anything for anyone but really, I’m still doing it for myself. I’m helping them because it makes me feel good. I’m helping them because if I don’t, I fear their hatred and resentment. So in reality, I’m doing it for my own good, to be accepted. Which is why when my sister asks be to borrow things, I lend them to her, even though I have a very good idea that I’ll probably never see them again. When we eat together and she takes something off my plate, I am put off and disgruntled by the familiarity and ease of which she does it, but I do nothing to retaliate. When I end up paying the larger half of the bill, every single time, I don’t protest at all. When I open a bag of chips and she proceeds to eat nearly all of it, I don’t say a word. It’s because I’m terrified that she’ll become upset with me, and furthermore, these are all petty things. Why should I be so upset?

So I never tell her upset I am because then she would never know how petty I am and how silly I am to always grudge over this and harbor feelings of resentment. I keep thinking, “She is taking advantage of me.” But then I look back to how she treats me, disregarding all the material things. I was born into a loving family. I was blessed with luck. I have more than her and I hoard. Why should I not give more away? Am I so consumed by material things?

She is a person who has made me so happy by showing me that she cares. She listens constantly to my silly rants (also often petty things). She’ll do almost anything I ask, with no complaint. She’s accompanied me to so many places and in my heart, I am sure, she is a true sister. She cares so much although many others might not see it.

I do. Sometimes in our conversations, she just tells me how she worries about someone else, or feels bad for her friend. She cares, a lot, and it’s something that’s taken me years to realize.

She is human. She has flaws. She has accepted mine and loved me despite them so I should do the same. Whatever resentment I feel towards her is far outweighed by my love for her. I love her truly, and I wish one day she’d know how much I do care about her and just that my pettiness has held me back from truly expressing it.

I love her. She is my best friend and sister and I will support her and be faithful to her, always.